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Featured How do you create customer intimacy without proximity? 22 Jul 2020
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    Without understanding geopolitical risk, how can you successfully transform?

    Leaders need to think now about how to assess and address geostrategic risks to reframe the future of their organizations.

    24 Jul 2020 Mary Cline


    How can building trust in AI accelerate your transformation?

    Ethical concerns around the use of AI are growing as COVID-19 stimulates deployment, but poor governance erodes trust.

    17 Jul 2020 EYQ


    Are you reframing your future or is the future reframing you?

    The COVID-19 pandemic has thrust the global economy onto a new trajectory. The EY Megatrends framework can help you understand where it’s heading.

    19 Jun 2020 EYQ

    Climate-related reporting

    How will ESG performance shape your future?

    Companies failing to meet investor expectations on nonfinancial factors risk losing access to capital markets.

    22 Jul 2020 Mathew Nelson


    Can reopening your workplace help you reimagine your future?

    Successfully returning to the physical workplace is the priority. But recovery from the COVID-19 crisis is also an opportunity to reframe your organization’s future.

    21 May 2020 Liz Fealy

    Beyond COVID-19: Will you define the new normal or watch it unfold?

    Building a better world beyond COVID-19 requires leaders to imagine the unthinkable. Here’s your guide.

    22 Jun 2020 EYQ

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