Strategy and innovation

We live in a world where what worked yesterday won’t necessarily work tomorrow, or next year. That’s why we help you develop a business strategy that will also work the year after and help you navigate this Transformative Age.

What EY can do for you

Purpose-led strategy

While many leading organizations understand the power of purpose, they find that activating it through their strategies and realizing its full value is much more challenging. Our purpose is to support you on the journey to successfully define and activate your purpose. EY Advisory is driven to ask and answer the bigger, better and more impactful questions about purpose. We can help you uncover and activate your organization’s real purpose by jointly defining your business strategy that inspires your customers and employees to act.

Innovation realized

Innovation is not optional. It is a must. To not only survive, but thrive 10 years from now, companies will need to create businesses and cultures capable of driving the duality of optimal performance today and innovation for the future.

Generating ideas is only 5% of the challenge. At least 95% of innovation success is based in the ability to execute and bring amazing things to customers at full global scale. This is innovation realized.

EY’s innovation approach is based on the premise of making hard things easy and imagining the art of the possible. As the future is many, not one, we jointly build and validate scenarios with you. We work with you to shape your future business model and deploy new offerings. We are constantly evolving to help you drive your business forward, turning threat into opportunity. Working together, EY can help you design better outcomes and deliver long-lasting results.

Digital strategy

Companies are operating in an uncertain world, where they must continuously adapt to business disruption. In this “constant state of emergence,” companies must evolve at a speed that matches the pace of digital technology adoption. Every business model and every business process is vulnerable whether they are focused on growing, optimizing or protecting their business. Any company that fails to take advantage of existing and emerging digital technologies to reinvent itself will be left behind. But it’s not just about adapting to and implementing new technology — it’s about running a business like a digital leader.

At EY Advisory, we believe that converting these threats into opportunities and riding the next wave of uncertainty requires a different kind of strategy — a “re-strategy” manifesto that constantly evolves at digital speed. Our EY digital professionals can talk to you about what that strategy manifesto looks like and how to achieve it.

Growth strategy

EY Advisory can help you develop a growth strategy that exploits sales potential and puts your organization in a strategically favorable position to gain market share. We understand the importance of considering market demand, specific products and services, relevant tax, trade and risk implications, and an advantageous go-to-market approach.

In summary, we help to provide both the vision and strategy to achieve growth. This involves traditional growth strategy — developing new and assessing existing portfolio, market and footprint strategies. In addition, we support you in driving your growth agenda.

Strategic pricing

Setting or changing pricing strategy has huge implications for earnings and market perceptions. Over the past few decades, the growth of pricing discipline, which can generate significant market value, has accelerated.

We help your organization develop innovative pricing strategies that support your broader market and business strategies and apply analytics to better understand price performance and help create value.

Strategic planning and roadmap

Most organizations conduct some type of annual strategic planning exercise, which represents a significant investment of leadership time and focus. Unfortunately, too often that effort fails to define a strategy that is actionable, represents new thinking, and ties to annual planning.

EY Advisory can help your organization to make strategic planning a more valuable exercise. A great strategic planning process helps align an organization around its aspirational purpose and helps prioritize initiatives and investments to achieve that purpose. EY's approach to strategic planning process considers disruptive industry trends, emerging customer needs, and unanticipated competitor actions to challenge the status quo. The right process frames strategic choices and defines a clear strategic direction with a sequenced roadmap of initiatives to implement the strategy.

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