Photographic portrait of Mitchell Clarence
Our age of disruption is not the result of any one technology, it is the combination of many technologies coming to scale and maturity at the same time – driving entirely new products and services, business models and ways to create value.

Clarence Mitchell

EY Global Technology, Media & Entertainment and Telecommunications Strategy Leader

Inclusive leader with an intense desire to connect the dots, extract the insight and share it with others.

Clarence is the Strategy Leader for the Technology, Media & Entertainment and Telecommunications (TMT) market unit, and spent much of his career focused on market-facing and business strategy issues for clients in the telecom, media, technology, and energy sectors.

Clarence’s areas of focus have been on business strategy formulation and execution, as well as performance and operations transformation, particularly for companies and markets in transition or facing disruption. This often includes new service and offer development, business model innovation, and customer engagement and support strategies.  

He has an MBA from the Wharton School and attended Erasmus and Rutgers Universities.

How Clarence is building a better working world

“The quantity, speed and complexity of change we’re all subject to on a daily basis  can seem overwhelming to some, or distant and academic to others.  I really enjoy working with clients to help separate the meaningful from the noise, and connecting the dots between seemingly separate developments to surface the insights that fuel strategy and innovation for the markets to come.”

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