A photographic portrait of Yannick De Kerhor
The digital revolution must provide a sense of meaning and a positive vision of the future.

Yannick de Kerhor

EY France Strategy and Transactions Market Leader and Chief Digital Officer

Leader in technology- enabled divestitures and transformations. Innovator. Dual French-German personal background. Husband. Father.

Yannick is the Strategy and Transactions Market leader and Chief Digital Officer at EY in France. As a market leader in Strategy and Transactions, he has over 28 years of experience in assisting complex cross-border transactions. His expertise covers all aspects of a transaction including buy-side, sell-side, financing, synergies and all aspects of post-deal assistance for large multi-national corporates and private equity firms. Yannick brings experience in transactions enhanced by deep tech capabilities in disruptive options/threats such as evolving business models, new technologies, new social trends and new regulatory pressures.

His global experience includes carve-outs, spin-offs, joint -ventures and IPOs across a range of industries including oil and gas, telecommunications, media and entertainment, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, energy and technology.

How Yannick is building a better working world

In collaboration with clients, I help drive their capital agendas through knowledge, innovation and market-leading technology within complex, global, transformative divestitures. While transformation can be difficult for companies, I assist their decision-making process in every step of the separation. By focusing on “divesting for growth,” clients can deploy the resulting capital to benefit shareholders, vendors, and employees and their families throughout the world.

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