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Elidawati Ali Oemar

CEO, Elcorps<br><br> Indonesia


Why the race is on to secure a sustainable EV battery supply

Shifting business models and accelerated EV productions forecasts have OEMs looking to lock in an affordable and sustainable battery supply.

By James Nicholson 28 Jun 2021 Strategy by EY-Parthenon

How mapping the evolving consumer mindset is key to EV mass market appeal

Dealers and OEMs that can stimulate demand by providing the appropriate nudges at each stage of the customer journey will win EV sales.

By Randall Miller 30 Jun 2023 Automotive

Can digital and physical meet at the dealership?

While car buyers aren’t yet ready for a complete online buying process, some areas are gaining traction.

By Randall Miller 18 Oct 2021 Automotive retail transformation


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Dr. Liang Ye

Name:Dr. Liang Ye

Job Title:EY-Parthenon Partner, Advanced Manufacturing & Mobility, EY-Parthenon Shanghai Advisory Limited
David Borland

Name:David Borland

Job Title:EY UK&I Automotive Leader
Matthew Brown

Name:Matthew Brown

Job Title:Senior Manager, Supply Chain & Operations, Ernst & Young LLP
Alex Lewis

Name:Alex Lewis

Job Title:EY-Parthenon Associate Director, Strategy and Transactions, Ernst & Young LLP

Why human interaction remains essential to the car buying journey

Four key themes emerged from the latest EY Mobility Consumer Index.

By Randall Miller 19 Dec 2023 Automotive

Why mineral supply may be an e-mobility roadblock

Automakers and manufacturers must act now to develop a secure supply of the resources critical to electric vehicle (EV) production.

By Paul Mitchell 7 Jan 2021 Mining and metals

How advancing mobility will disrupt the mining and metals sector

Within a decade, most urban transport will be electric. Is the mining and metals sector ready to meet demand?

By Robert Stall 2 Dec 2020 Energy and resources

As eMobility accelerates, can utilities move EVs into the fast lane?

As eMobility accelerates faster than ever envisaged, we must design and invest in future capabilities to keep EVs on the road.

By Serge Colle 8 Feb 2022 Automotive
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