Emerging technologies

The advent of emerging tech is recasting all industries and requires leaders to embrace new capabilities to turn new tech into new competitive advantage.

As stand-alone solutions, many emerging technologies are quite compelling, and adoption rates are accelerating in areas such as robotic process automation and the internet of things. Others, like additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence and blockchain, are still being explored for their potential to deliver business value at scale.

As it transforms, your organization can unlock real value through the combination of emerging technologies to provide business impact through convergence. You need to build out capabilities and skills to provide “venture-as-a-service,” and develop agile and dynamic ecosystems to help with the development and implementation of new solutions and business models. Take a look through EY insights on this topic of pressing concern to EY clients.

Navigate COVID-19 with our enterprise resilience framework

Technology and information security is one of nine focus areas in our framework for building enterprise resilience. Get your checklist for actions relating to Technology and information security – for now, next and beyond COVID-19.

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