Photographic portrait of Susan Robinson
Imagine cultivating a workforce and culture where innovation, inclusiveness and resiliency are truly understood, prioritized, measured and rewarded; what could you achieve?

Susan Robinson

EY Global TMT People Advisory Services (PAS) Leader

Transforming people, culture and organizational experiences to build resilient, diverse teams and capabilities. Passionate about empowering talent as they create the greatest change.

Areas of focus TMT Technology
Office New York, US

Susan has worked in the change space for over 25 years in consulting and industry roles. While she is Canadian-born and New York-based, she brings extensive international experience from her time living and working in Asia, Europe and the Middle East supporting organizations through transformational change.

Susan supports clients across a range of sectors as they move through large-scale transformations. As workforces evolve due to generational shifts, digital enablement, increased workloads and pressure, Susan brings a broad yet pragmatic approach to managing change while keeping a focus on organizational culture, inclusivity and driving results.

Susan earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario.

How Susan is building a better working world

Susan is building a better working world by assisting talent leaders and people organizations to cultivate authentic, engaged, and well-rounded teams to make purposeful, sustainable change. She understands the pressure on organizations today and how passive approaches don’t really cut it anymore. A strategic, measurable focus on people is crucial in any business scenario, no longer an afterthought. Susan is passionate about helping companies understand that prioritizing the human element forms an integrated framework for enterprise resilience.

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