Evolving identity and access management in cloud computing age

Complex compliance and security requirements put organizations under pressure more than ever before to protect their information.

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Identity is a key issue that must be addressed. Indeed, recent data breaches like SolarWinds involved compromised identities to obtain unauthorized access to business-critical information.

With the increase in cloud adoption, enterprises must find ways to manage, control and defend identities — all without slowing innovation and growth. The question organizations need to be asking is not ”is my cloud secure?,” but rather “am I using the cloud securely?” or ”do I know who has access to the data in the cloud?” Consequently, organizations need to effectively and efficiently manage access to data and systems scattered across networks and beyond. Also, at the same time, support business goals and operations and ensure security and regulatory requirements are addressed.

Microsoft, EY, and SailPoint* together can help organizations solve your identity and access management (IAM) issues. The strength of industry-leading SailPoint Identity Governance combined with industry-leading Microsoft Azure Access Management capability, delivered by a diverse team of EY’s integrators with extensive knowledge in both solutions, could help organizations to improve security and productivity as well as reduce risks.

EY’s identity and access ecosystem can offer a wide range of services — from strategy to business integration, intelligence to solution engineering, and implementation to managed services. Deep industry and sector knowledge enable us to deliver leading practice insights to our clients while leveraging IAM methods to solve key issues.

EY have the unique ability to offer end-to-end IAM services combining business and technology components. Our expertise in the leading IAM solutions enables us to manage the people and process aspects with a real-world understanding of how to implement IAM technology for your organization’s needs.

From our knowledge to innovation

  • Our knowledge

    • Deep industry and sector knowledge enabling us to deliver a holistic approach for implementation of relevant technology while aligning people and process aspects of Identity and Access Management
    • Key references from international companies that showcase our knowledge and experience
    • Leading practice insight on customer and end-user processes, role design and segregation of duties requirements
    • Actionable recommendations and development of multi-year strategy and roadmap with proposed initiatives

  • Multidisciplinary global team

    • Dedicated digital identity and access specialists based in the locations where you operate
    • Globally consistent service offering with regional capability and capacity available to support local digital identity and access specialists
    • Diverse team providing a multidisciplinary skillset, e.g., architecture, technology, systems integration, security, operations and change management
    • Team supported by EY’s vast experience in program, project and people management to ensure a holistic approach to establish a holistic IAM capacity

  • Industrialized processes

    • We provide actionable recommendations and development of multi-year strategy and roadmap with proposed initiatives.
    • EY provides high quality governance strategies aligned to business.
    • You can find IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) compliant processes to deliver outcome-based Service Level Agreement (SLA) driven managed services.
    • Rapid application on boarding factories will help integrate applications with digital identity and access platform in an efficient and accelerated manner.
    • EY continuously develops and maintain tools and accelerators to deliver consistent quality and continuous process improvement.

  • Maturity and risk assessments

    • EY provides well proven IAM maturity assessment for your business maturity on using IAM to support business initiatives
    • We have a new Cloud IAM risk assessment to provide you with technical assessment of access management in your cloud environment(s)

  • Delivery accelerators

    • Globally consistent and proven methodology
    • Tested reference framework, architectures and designs
    • Reusable and proven libraries and toolkits to solve common integration and solution challenges

    EY assists clients with current state assessment of digital identity and access processes and capabilities, including comparative maturity analysis with industry-leading practices.

  • Technology experience

    • Deep technology experience in the leading digital identity and access solutions
    • Real-world understanding of the limitations of digital identity and access technology
    • Integration experience, e.g., mainframe, Unix, ticketing systems, directory services and IoT

  • Innovation

    • Research and implementation of emerging technologies to solve digital identity and access-related problems, e.g., blockchain, user and entity behavior analytics
    • Enhanced automation of digital identity and access processes through robotic process automation

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Microsoft is the market leader within Access ManagementGartner Magic Quadrant November 2020

SailPoint is the market leader within Identity ManagementGartner 2020 Market Guide for Identity Governance and Administration

EY is a leader in Digital Strategy ConsultingIDC MarketScape, Worldwide Digital Strategy Consulting Services 2019 Vendor Assessment

IDC MarketScape report names EY a leader in digital strategy consulting services


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