Photo of Tove Blomgren, EY
We urgently need to start telling stories of what a radically better world could look like. Design and storytelling are amongst the most powerful tools to do that.

Tove Blomgren

Creative Director at SALLY, EY Doberman

Design and Innovation team leader at EY Doberman. Firm believer in using design, creativity, and technology to drive projects and services that enable sustainable transformations.

Areas of focus Sustainability Consulting
Office Stockholm, SE

Tove Blomgren is the Creative Director for SALLY in EY Doberman, an innovation studio for building preferable futures. She has more than 15 years’ experience designing usable and impactful digital experiences.

Tove leads the creative team in designing, building and launching digital products and services across industries like education, retail services and urban design with a core focus on sustainability.

Tove is a frequent speaker on the topic of sustainability and design at leading industry events and universities. 

Prior to joining EY Doberman, Tove was an Assistant Professor of Interaction Design at Malmö University. She has also held key roles in research institutes, public agencies, and advertisements agencies.

Tove holds a Master’s in Information Technology from Chalmers University of Technology.

How Tove is building a better working world

Tove is committed to helping address global sustainability and climate change challenges through helping clients build sustainable products and services. She believes that creativity, design, and technology are the key tools that drive client and societal value.

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