Cross Border Business Support

Our one point of contact service helping your business with tax, VAT and law related matters when expanding to new markets or setting up locally in Denmark.  

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How EY can help

EY’s Cross Border Business Support in Denmark advices companies before, during and after engaging in cross-border activities.

We act as one point of contact in all tax, VAT, law and employee related matters that our clients may encounter when they are looking to expand to new markets globally or establish a business in Denmark.

We team up with our clients and provide access to leverage EY’s extensive global network to ensure our clients are comfortable at all stages of their cross-border activities. We work as an integrated part of the clients’ teams – ensuring the link between clients’ finance, operation, HR, etc. and foreign regulatory and compliance requirements.  

What we do

  • We help clients fulfill their business potential abroad based on a holistic 360-degree assessment. We ensure that the right questions are raised to identify potential challenges and deal with them before they become actual problems. 
  • For companies who initiate business abroad, our primary task is to ensure a smooth process, help you sustain a successful market entry and help you grow – while letting you keep focus on your core business activities.
  • We help large, medium or small sized companies who engage in foreign activity that requires cross-border expertise. Our team members are carefully selected based on their professional experience and skills with international relations and advisory. We ensure clients are fully compliant with the legal and regulatory requirements and takes your mind off tax, VAT and payroll compliance issues.

Our competences/Area of expertise

With our 360-degree approach, we address the unexpected questions and tasks that arise in relation to regular tax, VAT and labor matters. This is what we call the ‘eventualities’ of doing business abroad.

In practice we provide:

  • Legislative advisory, including taxation, VAT, labor law, immigration and business registration, etc. 
  • Broad compliance, including subsidiaries, branches, permits and guidelines 
  • Ongoing assistance, including reporting tax, VAT, salary and more in Denmark and abroad 

Danish companies going abroad

Already, we have helped several companies get a head start and ensure their business expansion into new markets becomes a successful journey.

We engage all necessary resources through EY’s global network from the early stages to help your company gain a broad general view of potential possibilities versus challenges both economically and legally.

You are ensured complete compliance according to both international standards and local or regional legislative limitations – we make sure your company does not find itself unintendedly needing authorization or registration that could freeze the process of doing business.

International companies going to Denmark

For any international company going to Denmark, we help ensure complete assurance and compliance and assist you on the entire journey from pitching the idea of starting a business unit in Denmark to seeing the unit run smoothly. Our team takes care of both practical processes and more advanced payroll and tax related issues.

We have broad experience with different industries and sectors in Denmark and know the dos and don’ts of establishing a business in Denmark.

Our assistance includes establishment, registrations, reporting, filing VAT, tax return for companies and personnel, contracts, required online business tools such as “NemID” and e-Boks and much more.

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