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How CFOs can maximize company value through Long-Term Value thinking

Organizations need to transform from shareholder value creation to stakeholder value creation to maximize company value in the long term. This requires companies to change the way they work and measure their performance.

CFOs face an increasing need to adopt Long-Term Value thinking as the stakeholder expectations for companies are continuously evolving.

Topics discussed include

  • Long-Term Value concept
  • How to address the challenges CFOs face related to stakeholder expectations
  • EY’s approach to incorporating Long-Term Value
  • How to transform to enable Long-Term Value creation
Magnus Lundbäck, Executive Vice President Human Resources & Sustainability at Getinge, will speak in addition to the speakers from EY.
This webinar is part of a our Nordic Sustainability Matter-series. Click  here to see upcoming events or watch previous ones on-demand.


Niko Maranko
EY Finland, Consulting, Partner
Krister Paulsen
Nordic Finance Consulting Leader and Partner, Consulting, EY Norway
Christian Grauers
Director, Finance and Energy, EY Sweden
Anja Vanhatalo
Long-term value lead Nordics and Sustainability lead Sweden, Business Development, EY Sweden
Jarkko Virranta
Director, Finance Consulting


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