Lighthouse in pink sunset with mountains and ocean

How regions can become drivers and winners in the green shift

Find out how electrification, decarbonization and carbon taxes can create a unique opportunity for regions and local businesses willing to collaborate.

Topics to be discussed include

  • Green economy
  • Circular economy
  • Industrial symbiosis

The EU has identified the circular industrial economy as one of the most important contributions to solving the world's climate and energy crisis. Reusing or recycling carbon helps get the most out of raw materials and energy instead of releasing it as emissions. For example, fish farming produces sludge that can be recycled and used for biogas, biofuels, microalgae and fertilizers.

This approach is called industrial symbiosis. It is a collaborative model where one entity upcycles waste or profits in another’s production within a limited geographical area. Rightly used, companies involved will have significant financial gains like reduced costs for transport, energy, and raw materials.


  • Maria B. Helsengreen, Partner/Principal Consulting, Business Consulting, Finance
  • Edward Sims Senior Manager, EY Climate Change and Sustainability
This webinar is part of a our Nordic Sustainability Matter-series. Click  here to see upcoming events or watch previous ones on-demand.


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