Forensic Investigations and Compliance

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As regulatory enforcement and public intolerance of corporate misconduct increase, EY professionals help you strengthen your integrity and compliance frameworks. And, should violations occur or allegations of fraud or corruption arise, the teams help you respond quickly to safeguard your business.

What EY can do for you

Integrity and Compliance services

Integrity is at the core of contemporary business and this means not only doing what is legal, but also doing what is right.

We work with companies to review and improve their compliance programs, and make certain that the right governance and compliance structures are in place to prevent violations of regulations and laws.

And we also help establish a culture of integrity throughout the organization, embedding behaviors that strengthen the business, protect the brand and reduce costly business disruptions.

Using forensic data analytics and eDiscovery technologies, we can review large volumes of data to achieve regulatory compliance, and provide the deep insights necessary to develop specific programs that align with a company’s business and risk profile.

EY helps you to:

  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your compliance management and culture
  • Review and analyze big data to assess your compliance exposures
  • Implement an integrated Business Integrity and Corporate Compliance framework
  • Reduce the compliance risks of doing business with third parties, suppliers, agents and other business associates

Investigation services

Should something go wrong, any suggestion of impropriety can quickly destroy a business, its finances and its reputation.

If the worst does happen, the first priority is to stop any further loss or reputational damage.

Our dedicated global teams of investigators, forensic accountants, compliance specialists and technology professionals help companies respond rapidly to instances of alleged fraud, bribery and other misconduct, as well as provide support throughout any subsequent regulatory, civil or criminal proceedings.

Using advanced forensic technologies and data visualization tools, we gather facts and evidence quickly to assess the extent of the issue and to help organizations manage the concerns of all relevant stakeholders.

We support legal counsel by analyzing varying data sources to uncover links, patterns and anomalies, and by presenting findings in legal proceedings.

  • Rapidly investigate allegations of wrongdoing in your business
  • Efficiently satisfy regulators’ demands for information 
  • Prepare to litigate in response to issues identified
  • Demonstrate to stakeholders that actions have been taken to mitigate future risks of improper conduct

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