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Help clients to embrace change and address increasingly complex challenges, allowing them to grow, optimize and protect their businesses.

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It is the talents, passion and energy of our teams that enable us to transform businesses through the power of people, technology and innovation.

Errol Gardner

EY Global Vice Chair, Consulting


A dynamic and varied career

EY consultants have the boldness and insight to do more than just advise businesses. You’ll collaborate with key decision-makers to help them make better choices. You’ll have the chance to immerse yourself within organizations – from local start-ups to global conglomerates – to explore every angle and offer them fresh approaches to their pressing issues. By helping them build trust and confidence in their business, you’ll help the world work better.

Your career in consulting will reflect the variety of the business world itself. The problems we solve are ever-changing, so we constantly work to expand our knowledge and build on our experience. For you, that means a career that is both dynamic and interesting. It means working across industries and geographies to help organizations stay relevant now – and in the future.

As EY Consulting evolves, so will you

In EY Consulting, you won’t just have a job, you’ll have a career – one we’ll help you evolve as EY does. We believe in nurturing talent to provide future leaders for the global marketplace, and we know that every path is unique.

EY offers many possible routes to help you fulfill your potential. The EY Learning & Development Hub explores how different career paths are possible depending on your interests, goals and learning – both formal and informal. Whatever direction you choose, you’ll receive regular coaching and mentoring at every stage of your journey. So you get the support you need to pursue a career that’s uniquely yours.

Make better connections

We believe better questions come from better connections, so we embrace a diversity of ideas and are proud of the rich mix of talents, backgrounds and experience in EY teams. Combined perspectives allow us to bring fresh insights to clients so they can work more effectively, and realize their organization’s purpose.

EY people thrive in adapting to new goals, environments and industries. As an EY consultant, you’ll apply your analytical and inquiring mind to all kinds of problems in every type of organization. With your thirst for knowledge and learning, you’ll figure out how to enable people and processes to work better. In doing so, you’ll help integrate new technologies and embrace new ways of working.

    Expand your horizons

    Sometimes, the answers to complex problems can be found where you least expect them. For example, we worked with a client who wanted to tackle the problem of wine fraud. We asked ourselves, could blockchain – most commonly used in insurance and finance - be the fix? Could the status of each bottle – between producers, brokers, importers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers – be recorded in a blockchain? We built a process to do just that, including drones and Internet of Things (loT) technology, and told the story of each wine’s DNA from harvest to the history of the vineyard and the wine's development.

    The variety of clients we work with means you will be consulting across all industries and markets. You’ll work with technology in a way that is smart and imaginative. You’ll tap into a network of professionals, technologies and businesses, expanding your horizons and enriching your career.

    Work with the best and brightest

    EY people work side-by-side with our clients to understand the problems they face and build deep and productive relationships with them. It enables us to offer fresh perspectives on what does – or doesn’t – need to change.

    You’ll have the chance to work alongside talented teams in digital, strategy, technology, analytics, cybersecurity, risk and people advisory services. In short, anything we recognize that could help a business work better.

    While EY teams are diverse, our EY Consulting professionals all share certain traits. We’re connected. We’re bold. We’re insightful. We’re critical thinkers. We’re curious learners. We think globally. That’s why we’re more than advisors; we’re trusted and valued consultants. At EY, you won’t be stuck in endless meetings and churning out reports; you’ll work with organizations to offer insightful services to their pressing issues. It’s all part of how we work with clients to build a better working world.

    If you want to do it right with your clients, you first have to do it right with your employees. Through our internal learning programs, mobility and mentoring, we are the workforce of the future.

    Beatriz Sanz Saiz

    EY Global Consulting Data Analytics Leader


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