Risk Managed Services

New risks are emerging faster than ever. Given our deep expertise in risk management, EY teams are well-placed to provide the foundation for business processes and technologies that help build resilience and drive growth.

What EY can do for you

EY’s Risk Managed Services support organizations in managing their risks across a range of activities, including cyber security, fraud detection and mitigation, regulatory compliance, third-party risk management, software security, and internal audit. EY teams’ services enable robust risk monitoring, enhanced compliance and faster remediation. We bring together our technical experience and the latest technology to provide a holistic risk managed service that can be configured to your requirements while minimizing cost.

  • Cyber operations

    As the world continues to digitize, cyber risks have become the most challenging threat to sustain business security. EY’s innovative cybersecurity managed services help you transform your cyber risk posture while ensuring the solution is fit-for-purpose and fit-for-future. It enables you to maintain digital trust, minimize costs and deliver measurable business outcomes.

    Learn more about our cybersecurity managed services.

  • Financial crime

    As financial crime reaches new levels of sophistication, organizations face both increasingly complex threats and stricter standards of accountability. EY teams can help you prevent, detect and mitigate potential financial crime with “Know Your Customer”, anti-money laundering, and transaction monitoring and screening solutions.

    Learn more about our financial crime managed services.

  • Regulatory compliance manager

    Businesses are facing increasingly divergent international regulatory and geo-political environment. EY Regulatory and Compliance Manager contains a fully customizable regulatory inventory that's informed by EY’s network of regulatory professionals. It uses advanced data and predictive analytics to continually adapt risk management processes and ensure compliance.

    Learn more about our regulatory compliance manager.

  • Internal audit

    In this disruptive age, management and boards are relying more on an effective internal audit function to get greater visibility into risks, facilitate better decision-making and support operational sustainability.

    EY’s internal audit solution, powered by Virtual Internal Auditor (EY VIA), helps you transform your internal audit holistically (people, process, and technology) to build and maintain trust.

    Learn more about our risk management services for internal audit.

  • Third-party risk

    Agile organizations work with multiple third parties to stay competitive, but new partners introduce further risk that needs monitoring. We can help you manage third-party risks, utilizing advanced technologies to ensure long-term collaborative value for your business.

    Learn more about our third-party risk management services.

  • IT Asset Management

    The EY Software Asset Management service supports you to manage your enterprise application and software “estate,” both on-premises and in the cloud, mitigating software license risks and supporting clients to improve data quality and reduced cost.

EY’s customizable risk management solutions are designed to provide holistic risk management across all lines of defence, driving enhanced compliance and enabling smarter risk decisions to drive future growth.

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