Innovation Realized: About the summit

An immersive and boundary-breaking summit engineered to propel innovative thinking into meaningful action.

Technology, demographics and globalization have propelled continuous waves of disruption in economies, businesses and governments. To navigate this new reality with the speed and at the scale it demands, we must come together to solve the now, explore the next and imagine what’s after what’s next.

Innovation Realized is the EY answer to getting ahead in the Transformative Age and seizing the upside of disruption; an exclusive, boundary-breaking summit for select C-suite executives and market influencers to strategically connect, candidly converse and creatively collaborate in inspiring environments engineered to propel innovative thinking into meaningful action.

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Leaders in every sector face the urgent imperative to seize the upside of disruption. Yet, the time and space to appropriately tackle this challenge is rare.

EY annual Innovation Realized Summit, created in collaboration with C2, founded by Cirque du Soleil and Sid Lee, offers the environment and energy to dive into the beyond.

At Innovation Realized you can expect to:

  • Explore emerging issues and scenarios in one of the deep-dive “NextWave” industry workshops
  • Meet with disruptive technology specialists in one-to-one conversations at the TechWatch Bar
  • Participate in facilitated debates and solve shared challenges in immersive and dynamic environments. See the April 2019 full agenda.
  • Engage in structured and informal networking opportunities with global peers
  • Exchange lessons learned and actionable next steps in small groups, that blur the line between presenter and participant
  • Have exciting speakers ignite the conversations on diverse aspects of business transformation and beyond

Join and emerge with clear takeaways to act on now.