Is cybersecurity about more than protection?

22nd Global Information Security Survey 2019–20 | Nordics

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The Global Information Security Survey (GISS) 2019-20

This year, the GISS 2019-20 will shift focus to diagnose the divide between the security function and the Board and C-Suite as they seek to understand each other’s expectations and how an effective cybersecurity solution can and should enable the goals, strategy and business objectives for their organization.

For over two decades we have annually surveyed CIOs, CISOs and other senior executives with responsibility for cybersecurity. Through the survey data our clients can benchmark their investments and progress in cybersecurity against their peers in a variety of topic areas including security spending, board/c-suite oversight and security governance, compliance requirements and frameworks, security tools and controls and security incidents.​

Overview of the Nordic results

EY Global Information Security Survey (GISS) explores the most important cybersecurity issues facing organizations today. This year’s survey, GISS 2019-20, had 41 respondents from the Nordics, mostly cybersecurity leaders such as CIOs and CISOs.

The survey reveals that organizations have significant work to do to embed a culture of Security by Design. Only 32% of the Nordic organizations say cybersecurity is involved at the start of the business initiative planning stage.

As CISOs strive to embed a culture of Security by Design throughout the entire organization, increased collaboration with other functions, such as finance and marketing, should be a priority. The results show that 47% of Nordic organizations say their cybersecurity teams have a poor relationship with finance, in whom they are dependent for budget authorization.

There is an opportunity for cybersecurity to become a trusted business partner at the center of the organization’s value chain, driving transformation and proving its worth. However, cybersecurity cannot fulfill its potential to add value if it is kept at arm’s length from the rest of the organization.

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Woman standing in middle of a subway station with two driving subway trains.

EY Global Information Security Survey

Download the Global Information Security Survey 2019-20.

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