Kurt Neidhardt
Tax is an evolving ecosystem of company stakeholders, service providers, enterprise systems and taxing authorities. Through a connected platform and function, EY teams can help maximize efficiency.

Kurt Neidhardt

EY Global and Americas Tax Technology and Transformation Co-Leader and Leader

Tax function futurologist. Proven career builder. Loves forging diverse skill sets and personalities into powerful teams. Car lover and fitness fanatic. Never stop growing.

As EY Global and Americas Tax Technology and Transformation Co-Leader and Leader, Kurt heads a team of tax technology and performance improvement professionals working in a culture of perpetual innovation and exceptional client service. He was also the Founder and Managing Partner of EY Financial Services Office at Ernst & Young LLP.

Kurt’s background with EY spans more than 30 years, with his experience centered on the taxation of large financial institutions, including multinational broker dealers, banks and investment funds, which he then extended across all sectors and service lines.

Having developed an integrated strategy designed to help accelerate growth across the organization’s key industry sectors, he helps provide process improvement and innovative transformational services enabled by leading-edge custom tax technology tools that help EY clients address the needs of the new connected tax function.

Kurt earned a BA in Business from Boston College and is a Certified Public Accountant in New York.

How Kurt is building a better working world

“Today’s working world comprises not only a dynamic, connected digital economy but also a workforce that spans five generations. That means a broad range of perspectives on and disparate levels of comfort with the technology that informs them all.

I am a champion of using technology as the common language that can bridge age, interest and skills gaps. I’m in a position where I can serve as a catalyst and interpreter for the generation in need of transformation. I can also serve as a career builder for the new generation of technology-savvy tax professionals trained in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, who will develop the next great unknown.

Finally, I want to help enable tax functions to achieve maximum value and efficiency, with the added result of enhancing job satisfaction and improving the retention of their tax resources.”

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