Markus Nylund
Helping decision makers navigate around disinformation is an awarding task.

Markus Nylund

EY Finland Forensics & Integrity Services Country Lead

As a forensically oriented accounting professional, I want to help organizations enhance integrity in their business practices.

Areas of focus Forensics
Office Helsinki, FI

Markus is an Associate Partner and leads the EY Forensic & Integrity Services team in Finland since 2013.

Prior to specializing in forensics Markus worked as a Senior Manager - Executive Director within the EY Transaction Support team in Finland starting in 2006.

Prior to that Markus worked in banking with various client facing activities between 2002-2004 and prior to that almost 10 years with various transaction advisory tasks and roles with one of the big four firms.

Markus holds an degree from Svenska Handelshögskolan in Helsinki, majoring in accounting. 

How Markus is building a better working world

"I am committed to help organizations and their legal advisors objectively and proportionally assess unacceptable behavior and help organizations to understand and address compliance risks. Getting employers and employees to embrace common ethical values and convert compliance into a competitive advantage is a guiding principle in my work.

I also help businesses and their legal advisors to understand the bases for financial information ultimately for the purpose of courts and arbitral tribunals to make rewards based on objective and relevant financial analysis.

Helping decisionmakers navigate around the underwater rocks of disinformation is an awarding task."

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