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EY-Parthenon is a global strategy consultancy with more than 7,000 professionals working across three areas of focus, including corporate and growth strategy, transaction strategy and execution, and turnaround and restructuring strategy.

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    EY-Parthenon Brazil office overview

    EY-Parthenon’s Brazil office was founded in São Paulo in 2016. Since then, the office has been growing at an 80% growth rate year over year. The office is notable for its entrepreneurial spirit: members of the team are always trying to fully engage not only on their current assignments, but also in developing firm building and participating in volunteer work to help our community. Locally, our focus is on the following sectors:

    • Education
    • Consumer products and retail
    • Private equity
    • Life sciences
    • Health
    • Financial services
    • Industrial products
    • Technology, media and entertainment, and telecommunications

    Our EY-Parthenon Brazil office seeks outstanding candidates with strong analytical skills and a passion for applying them to real world problems. Successful candidates demonstrate intellectual curiosity, self-confidence, and entrepreneurship. They will also have a desire to contribute fully to shaping the organization’s future. Please review the FAQs and application process below to learn more about the role that is right for you.

    The Brazil team is a member of the EY-Parthenon practice of Ernst & Young Assessoria Empresarial Ltda.

    Working at EY-Parthenon Brazil

    The work we do

    In the EY-Parthenon Brazil office, we are focused on addressing the critical strategic decisions CEOs and business leaders in our client organizations have to make.

    Our clients engage with us to identify further opportunities for growth and generate a customized approach to address their complex business issues. Our teams connect with the right people and ask the right questions, helping produce actionable strategies that our clients can use to reach their full potential.

    Samples of some frequent client questions include:

    • How can we get the most out of organic growth in our company? How can we grow through acquisition? Who should we target?
    • Who is our target market? How can we gain market share in that market?
    • Are our projections for market growth in industry X over the next five years correct?
    • Is this the right industry and target company to invest in?
    • What are the main opportunities we should be pursuing in order to double the size of the company in the next five years?

    Leadership opportunities

    To supplement the traditional case team role, EY-Parthenon provides numerous opportunities for consultants to participate in internal initiatives that support the business objectives of the practice. In these roles, you will influence the direction and success of these initiatives, resulting in meaningful and lasting impact for the practice. Examples of the types of extracurricular activities you may be involved with are:

    • Team development, training and mentoring
    • Business development
    • Thought leadership
    • EY sector development

    The culture we foster

    At EY-Parthenon, you will spend your days with smart, nice, and driven individuals, just like yourself. We are dedicated to fostering a cohesive environment that promotes collaboration, communication and mentorship.

    Our secret to being one of the top consultancies to work for is in recruiting professionals who meet three seemingly simple criteria: Smart. Nice. Driven.SM

    Smart: Our highly analytical approach demands that we recruit and retain extremely bright, intellectually curious individuals.

    Nice: Our clients report that our professionals’ friendly, arrogance-free style separates us from competitors.

    Driven: Our professionals are motivated to provide the highest level of service to our clients and to seize the opportunities that our entrepreneurial culture affords.

    With the proper mix of the qualities above, EY-Parthenon sustains a culture that is collaborative, supportive and a formidable venue for creative and analytical thinkers to solve our clients’ greatest challenges. And the best by-product — our people enjoy coming to work each day to work side-by-side with their peers. It´s all about the people.

    Recruiting FAQs

    • What educational background is EY-Parthenon Brazil looking for?

      We do not recruit from specific universities and/or educational programs. What we are looking for are motivated, enthusiastic and talented people who combine excellent analytical skills with the ability to communicate clearly and succinctly with a strong personality and are capable of original and creative thinking as well as problem-solving.

    • What can I expect when I start working at EY-Parthenon?

      From your first day at EY-Parthenon, we will staff you directly on projects where you’ll be making a significant contribution straightaway. There will be ample opportunity for on-the-job learning. In addition, you will regularly receive formal training.

    • Will I be expected to specialize in a specific sector?

      No. We aim to staff our consultants on as wide a variety of projects as possible to maximize their learning opportunities. In later stages of your career at EY-Parthenon, you are expected to start specializing in specific sectors and/or project types.

    Application process

    To apply, you need to enroll and submit your resume through our application link. Then, you will receive the instructions for our online test. Those who are approved in this phase will be invited for 2–3 rounds of online interviews.

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