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EY-Parthenon is a global strategy consultancy with more than 7,000 professionals working across three areas of focus, including corporate and growth strategy, transaction strategy and execution, and turnaround and restructuring strategy.

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    EY-Parthenon MENA office overview

    The EY-Parthenon team in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is based in three office hubs — Bahrain, Dubai and Riyadh — and serves the entire region. The more than 30 members of our team come from widely different backgrounds, representing 20 different countries and speaking more than 30 languages, they bring a diverse skill set to the regional consulting market.

    The Bahrain team is a member of the EY-Parthenon practice of Ernst & Young Consulting W.L.L., the Dubai team is a member of the EY-Parthenon practice of Ernst & Young Middle East, and the Riyadh team is a member of the EY-Parthenon practice of Ernst & Young & Co (Public Accountants).

    Working at EY-Parthenon MENA

    MENA offices overview

    The EY-Parthenon team in MENA, located in Bahrain, Dubai and Riyadh, seeks outstanding candidates with strong analytical skills and a passion for applying them to real-world problems. Successful candidates should demonstrate intellectual curiosity, self-confidence and entrepreneurship. They also should have a desire to contribute fully to shaping the organization’s future.

    The EY-Parthenon MENA team consists of more than 30 members from widely different backgrounds across 20 countries, and they speak more than 30 languages, bringing a diverse skill set to the regional consulting market. We advise clients about a wide range of topics, from core value propositions to competitive positioning and growth strategies. Our employees are able to enjoy unparalleled contact with influential and highly experienced professionals within the global EY network of firms, as well as with senior management at our clients’ organizations across a multitude of sectors.

    Applying for a position in either of the EY-Parthenon MENA offices is simple. Please review the important information and FAQs below to start the application process for your respective role.

    The work we do

    EY-Parthenon MENA is focused on addressing the critical strategic decisions CEOs and business leaders have to make.

    Clients engage with us to challenge the status quo in their organizations and generate a customized approach to address their complex business issues. Our teams connect with the right people and ask the right questions, helping produce actionable strategies that our clients can use to reach their full potential.

    Some frequent client questions that EY-Parthenon casework addresses include:

    • How will the market evolve in the industry over the next five years?
    • How can we gain market share in our market segment?
    • Have we properly defined our market segment and who is our real competition?
    • How can we get the most out of organic growth in our company?
    • How can we grow through acquisitions and who should we target?
    • What should our footprint look like?
    • How should we allocate our resources?

    EY-Parthenon MENA sector focus

    The EY-Parthenon MENA team focuses on a wide range of sectors and is constantly developing new ones, including:

    • Government and public sector
    • Consumer products and retail
    • Health
    • Life sciences
    • Education
    • Financial services
    • Diversified industrials
    • Oil and gas
    • Technology, media and entertainment, and telecommunications

    Recruiting FAQs

    • Why would I want to work at EY-Parthenon in MENA?

      EY-Parthenon in MENA will help you build the career of your life

      EY-Parthenon’s professional development program is focused on your long-term career requirements and goals. Your first years at EY-Parthenon will provide exposure to the basics of consulting where you will:

      • Learn fundamental analytical and strategic skills, even if you don’t have a business background
      • Work with clients to help them drive change
      • Be part of a multifaceted experience and offered a wide array of opportunities
      • Map out where do you want to go next
      • Organize your career track
      Work in an exceptional professional environment

      EY-Parthenon invests heavily in its people and the atmosphere of the offices in which we work. Although there is no such thing as a typical EY-Parthenon consultant, we are all driven by these core principles:

      • We are proud of what we do.
      • We care about the success of our clients.
      • We enjoy a challenge, and keep on learning.
      • We are warm, respectful and passionate.
      Contribute to results

      At EY-Parthenon, our credo is actionable strategies for clients. This relentless focus on results is apparent not only in how we conduct client engagements, but also in how we evaluate ourselves as part of the EY network and as individual professionals. We measure our success by clients’ results. So to succeed, EY-Parthenon consultants must have that focus and those capabilities. That’s why we invest significantly in our people, so that they have the necessary skills to create lasting results for clients.

    • Am I the right applicant for EY-Parthenon?

      Clients rely on us to provide talented, committed professionals. For us, talented and committed people are those who identify issues before they become problems; combine technical excellence with fresh thinking; and help us deliver seamless, consistent and high-quality client service worldwide.

      EY-Parthenon can offer a superb working environment, thanks to our commitment to flexibility, inclusiveness and development.

      Different backgrounds and skills but similar values

      There are several criteria we want you to meet. If you do, you can take comfort in knowing that you will fit into our working environment and that you’ll be working with people who share your same values.

      People who excel

      We look for high performers who consistently deliver quality work while continually looking for ways to improve.

      People with integrity

      We want you to have a clear sense of personal and professional accountability and know how to build relationships by doing the right thing.

      People who are good at working with those from backgrounds different from their own

      We seek individuals who are good at listening, learning, sharing, developing and collaborating, welcoming and helping people from different backgrounds, perspectives and experiences perform at their best.

      People with the courage to lead

      We want people who inspire and motivate others and provide clear direction and encouragement in times of both prosperity and challenge.

      People with energy and enthusiasm

      We look for people who demonstrate drive, vision and determination and are passionate about helping EY-Parthenon clients achieve their goals.

      People with the right experience

      We want people who understand the challenges of working in a professional services environment and are focused on achieving and delivering the right outcomes for EY-Parthenon clients.

    • Where are the offices located?

      The EY-Parthenon MENA offices are located in Bahrain, Dubai and Riyadh, and all are located in major business centers within their respective cities. EY-Parthenon offices are located in the Sheraton Tower in Bahrain, in the Dubai International Financial Center in Dubai and in Al Faisaliyah Tower in Riyadh.

    • Do you sponsor work visas?

      For those who receive a full-time job offer, we offer sponsorship of work residency visas.

    • What should I do if I am interested in an office other than those in MENA?

      Applications for any EY-Parthenon office are welcome. If you are interested in another office outside of the MENA region, please apply directly to that office. If you are interested in more than one office, such as one in MENA and one in another region, you will be able to select the EY-Parthenon offices that you are interested in once you are in our application portal. Please indicate all of the office locations and your preference in your cover letter. We will then forward your application to the offices you have selected.

    • How do I know if my school has on-campus recruiting?

      EY-Parthenon MENA offices conduct formal recruiting programs at a number of institutions across the MENA region, including in Europe, India and Lebanon. Please contact our team via the Further questions section below for more information.

    Application process

    Typically, the largest application intake happens after the summer, in August and September. However, you are welcome to send your resume and a cover letter to us outside of our recruiting cycle. We will keep this information on file and contact you if a suitable position becomes available.

    At EY-Parthenon MENA, our interview process typically includes three rounds of interviews consisting of the following:

    • 1st interviews: These interviews consist of two case interviews led by our consultants.
    • 2nd interviews: If you pass round one, you will be invited to the second round of technical case interviews, led by our senior managers and directors.
    • Final round: This is a CV-led interview with one of our partners.

    After the final round of interviews, the recruiting team reconvenes to extend offers to the most qualified candidates.

    Contact us

    If you have any questions regarding our recruiting program or application process, or to submit your cover letter and resume outside of our recruiting cycle, contact us.