EY-Parthenon strategy consulting careers in the United States

EY-Parthenon strategy consultancy teams, comprised of more than 2,000 professionals across the United States, help our clients design and deliver strategies that are both aspirational and implementable.

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We welcome current students from any college or university to apply. Please explore our resources below for education and information about our programs and recruiting process. When you are ready, you can use the link here to search our jobs board for specific open roles using the keywords “EY-Parthenon USA”.


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    United States office overview

    EY-Parthenon, one of the largest and fastest growing strategy consultancies, offers our candidates an abundance of opportunities to build a strategy consulting career unique to them. To learn more about what makes EY-Parthenon distinct and how to join the US team, please review the important information below.

    Why EY-Parthenon?

    • Our work and the EY-Parthenon advantage

      We help our clients answer their most challenging strategic questions, which — in turn — will help you build the holistic c-suite skillset needed to become a transformative leader. The following questions commonly addressed on our client engagements, illustrate how our EY-Parthenon teams need to employ big-picture thinking down to bespoke operational tactics to support our clients through complex strategies and transactions: 

      • Is the option to buy vs. build the best strategy to address my digital needs?
      • Where can I cut cost in my business to fuel growth initiatives?
      • In which portfolio business should I invest?
      • Will a divesture optimize the growth and profitability of my business?
      • How can I build competitive advantage throughout my company’s operations?
      • What integration strategy will deliver the most value from my acquisition?

      We leverage our deep sector experience to incorporate insights around industry-specific dynamics, while designing and delivering strategies for our clients that help improve profitability and long-term value. Our ten sectors include:

      • Advanced Manufacturing & Mobility
      • Consumer
      • Energy
      • Education
      • Financial Services
      • Government & Public Services
      • Healthcare
      • Life Sciences
      • Private Equity
      • Technology, Media & Telecom
    • Our culture and the EY-Parthenon experience

      Central to our culture is an environment where you can drive real impact for our clients, our firm and the broader community. Here is how we deliver on that promise:

      The diversity, equity and inclusiveness of our teams

      The foundation of our cultural ethos in diversity, equity and inclusion underpins our success and can be felt across the daily life of our people. Here at EY-Parthenon, your point-of-view matters. We’re building a culture where you're embraced for who you are. ​​We help solve our clients’ strategic challenges together by valuing our differences and teaming inclusively. We want you to feel like you belong here because your uniqueness helps us stand apart.

      The character of our people

      While the diversity of our people is paramount, we do look for consistency in the character of our people — Smart. Nice. Driven.℠.  This isn’t just a signpost that we’ve invented to brand our teams. This comes from feedback we’ve received about our people from clients, interns, associates, consultants and beyond. What do we mean by Smart. Nice. Driven.?

      • Smart: Extremely bright, intellectually curious, blending a command of analytics with an appetite for inventive thinking
      • Nice: Friendly, approachable style that relishes open collaboration, inclusiveness and partnership 
      • Driven: Unrelenting energy focused on finding inspired solutions and delivering proactive service. 
      The entrepreneurial and innovative opportunities

      The EY-Parthenon origin story is that of growth — fostered by an entrepreneurial cultural where innovation is embraced and opportunities to participate in our growth are encouraged. Below are just some of the different ways you can make a difference and drive impact across our firm:

      • Build tech tools for internal use
      • Lead pro-bono consulting project
      • Support campus recruiting
      • Work on new client technology
      • Grow a new sector footprint
      • Create trainings for new hires
      • Lead an affinity group
      • Develop thought leadership
      • Lead an office fun committee
      Our purpose to Build a Better Working World through social impact

      Our firm’s purpose of “Building a Better Working World” is not just a mantra, it’s part of our everyday culture. At EY, we’ve made a commitment to positively impact the lives of 1 billion people by 2030 through our EY Ripples program. This global program drives change through three areas of focus including: supporting the next generation workforce; working with impact entrepreneurs; and accelerating environmental sustainability. To learn more about EY Ripples, click here.

      Joining an EY Ripples program is just one way to easily make a difference. Additionally, EY-Parthenon teams drive social change in a multitude of ways, including our client engagements, internal social impact committees, volunteer opportunities and beyond.

    • Our programs and your EY-Parthenon career

      You will join either EY-Parthenon's Associate Program (for undergraduates) or our Consultant Program (for MBA or Life Sciences PhDs). Regardless of which of these two programs you join, our approach to your career trajectory is most notably impacted by our generalist model and our outlook on holistic learning. And for some of you, you may have an interest in one of our specialized tracks within these two programs.

      Our generalist model

      At EY-Parthenon, for both our Associate Program and Consultant Program, the most common way to join is through our generalist model. We believe central to becoming a transformative business leader is your ability to develop a well-rounded strategic skillset. Accordingly, an EY-Parthenon career gives you a diversity of experience across sectors and engagement types at the start of your career. We give our people the space to explore and gain exposure to a variety of opportunities.

      As your career progresses into the more senior ranks, you will naturally begin to focus on the sectors and/or areas of the business that best align with your passion and interests. As we say, it is your career to build!

      A holistic approach to learning

      Our holistic approach to learning is a three-prong system which enables us to meet a person’s individual needs on their journey to becoming a successful business leader. Those three areas include:

      • Formal training: Much of your formal training will be in alignment with your cohort. At the associate level, much of your formal training is focused on building your strategic toolkit with the skills necessary to drive client analysis and impact. As a consultant, in addition to honing your analytics, there is time spent on the managerial skills need to lead workstreams and support client engagement. In addition to this cohort training, there are plenty of online classes and courses offered by the larger EY firm to address the specific needs and interests of the individual.
      • Individual and community mentorship: At EY-Parthenon, there are a plethora of opportunities, both formal and informal, to receive mentorship throughout your career. All our associates and consultants are assigned a counselor to help track progress against goals. You can also join groups and find mentorships that may align with your career goals through your case work or via affinity groups such as our “Women in Business” mentors.
      • On-the-job apprenticeship: At EY-Parthenon, it is encouraged and expected to ask questions and learn through experience. We foster an open, collegial and collaborative environment where you can feel comfortable asking questions. Growth and learning happen through an on-the-job apprenticeship approach, where you will leverage the experience of your peers, case team leaders and senior leaders.
      Specialized tracks

      While everyone joins either our Associate or Consultant Program, EY-Parthenon does offer several focused career tracks within those programs that may be better suited to your background and/or career goals. Please explore the links and comments below to learn more about these specializations:

      • Software Strategy Group:
        • EY-Parthenon’s Software Strategy Group (SSG) is a leader in providing strategic advice for corporate and private equity investors in the Software Economy. SSG provides commercial, product and technology diligence and software-oriented strategy and value creation services for PE-backed portfolio companies and independent operating companies. We have SSG specialists in both our Associate and Consultant programs.
        • To learn more about our Software Strategy Group, click here.
      • Deal Technology:
        • The EY-Parthenon Deal Technology (Deal Tech) practice professionals are leading strategic advisors to corporate and PE executives and investors within the digital and IT ecosystem. When clients are looking to acquire, merge or divest part of their company or portfolio, our practice can assist them with their technical strategy. We have Deal Tech specialists in both our Associate and Consultant programs.
        • To learn more about our Deal Technology practice, click here.
      • Life Sciences PhD (Consultant Program only):
        • EY-Parthenon also has a track for Life Sciences PhDs within our Consultant Program. Our Life Sciences team engages clients across a diverse set of disciplines to shape business growth, including pharma and biotech, diagnostics, medical devices, life sciences tools, and digital. If you are interested in this specialization, learn more about our Consultant Program to understand how you can apply.  
      • Emerging Leaders (Associate Program only):
        • The EY-Parthenon Emerging Leaders Program is an 8-week internship for undergraduate sophomores, providing a unique opportunity to discover the strategy consulting industry through various learning opportunities and hands-on client engagement experience. The program is open to all students with a strong preference for those who self-identify as Black/African American, Latinx/Hispanic, Native American or multi-racial.

    How to join EY-Parthenon

    How to apply

    We welcome current students from any university or college to apply. Please use the link below to search our jobs board using keywords “EY-Parthenon USA”.

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