Global Capital Confidence Barometer | 19th edition

Our latest M&A report notes that regulation, trade and tariffs may foster a deal hiatus for some, while many others move forward with acquisition plans.

What does all this mean for the deal market? The speed of change is relentless and M&A has proven to be an effective means to move quickly to gain competitive advantage or defend against future disruptors.

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Read insights from 2,500 senior executives on economic outlook, growth and M&A. 


Advanced manufacturing

Solid M&A appetite fueled by search for the right talent, technology and new markets.

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Banking and capital markets 

Proceed with M&A with an eye toward entering new markets.

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Despite current slowdown, outlook should improve as companies partner, merge and acquire to enter new markets and acquire new technologies.

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Continued steady pace, as organizations use M&A to deal with digital disruption.

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Has a big appetite for M&A as companies look to open markets and access new technologies.

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Life sciences

48% of executives indicate that they intend to pursue M&A.

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Oil and gas

Portfolio reviews increase to improve resilience and responsiveness to evolving technology.

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Power and utilities

M&A outlook for energy is improving, despite some subdued conditions for power and utilities companies.

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Real estate, hospitality and construction  

Deal flow still healthy toward the end of a long bull cycle.

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Technology, media and entertainment, and telecommunications 

TMT’s robust M&A outlook continues but some companies are pausing dealmaking plans.

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Cautious about M&A, though fundamentals support deals.

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Wealth and asset management  

Focusing on integrating assets they have acquired in the past year.

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Asia-Pacific forecasts a robust deal appetite despite more than half (52%) citing geopolitics as potential threat to M&A.

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Australia and New Zealand

For Australasian executives, plans to pursue M&A are being driven by frequent portfolio reviews and entries into new markets.

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The recent election of a pro-business candidate is expected to stimulate local M&A, particularly in privatization and private equity activity.

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Why are dealmakers, who see an improving overall market, making the decision to pause M&A?

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Central and South Eastern Europe and Central Asia  

M&A market is improving, but many are still intending to pause in the near term — while they review their portfolios. 

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M&A rebounds as pro-business government reignites confidence.

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Eurozone executives are firmly looking to the future while building resilience.

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Cautiously optimistic on M&A conditions, even amid rising geopolitical uncertainty.

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Geopolitical, trade and tariff uncertainties have finally caused some dealmakers to hit the pause button.

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Amid shifting trade policies, Mexico remains optimistic about M&A and is also focused on divesting.

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Middle East and North Africa

Regional M&A activity largely driven by sector consolidation led by strategic investors. 

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A return to M&A after political disruption diminishes and investor confidence increases.

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Southeast Asia

The appetite for mergers and acquisitions in Southeast Asia remains resilient amid rising competition for assets and geopolitical disruption.

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United Kingdom

Despite confidence, UK companies focus more on operations than on M&A activity, due to policy uncertainties.

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United States

Getting in sync: integration is US dealmakers’ focus after mid-decade M&A boom — but they stand ready to acquire. 

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Transaction tax

Talking to your tax team can help maximize deal value.

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