North America Class of 2019

This class of high-growth, women-founded companies across the US and Canada spans a variety of industries — from fintech to consumer products to fabrictech. And for the first time, a majority of the members of one class of Winning Women have been professionally financed: two-thirds of this 2019 class are funded by angels, venture funds, private equity or a combination of all three — a noteworthy milestone. Find out more about the companies below.

Photographic portrait of Kathrin Hamm

Kathrin Hamm
Founder and CEO
New York

Photographic portrait of Mary-Cathryn Kolb

Mary-Cathryn Kolb
Founder and CEO
Atlanta, GA

Photographic portrait of Diana Lee

Diana Lee
Founder and CEO
Constellation Agency
New York, NY

Photographic portrait of  Dionne Laslo-Baker

Dionne Laslo-Baker
Founder and CEO
DeeBee’s Organics
Victoria, BC

Photographic portrait of Suneera Madhani

Suneera Madhani
Founder and CEO
Orlando, FL

Photographic portrait of Jessica Bailey

Jessica Bailey
Co-Founder and CEO
Greenworks Lending
Darien, CT

Photographic portrait of Allie Magyar

Allie Magyar
 Founder and CEO
Vancouver, WA

Photographic portrait of Lisa Curtis

Lisa Curtis
Founder and CEO
Kuli Kuli
Oakland, CA

Photographic portrait of Lara hodgson

Lara O’Connor Hodgson
Co-Founder, President and CEO
NOW Corp
Atlanta, GA

Photographic portrait of Breezy Griffith

Breezy Griffith
Co-Founder and CEO
Skinny Dipped
Seattle, WA

Portrait photograph of Val Griffith

Val Griffith
Co-Founder, Chief Innovation and Creative Officer
Seattle, WA

Photographic portrait of Chris-Tia Donaldson

Chris-Tia Donaldson
Founder and CEO
Thank God It’s Natural
Chicago, IL

Photographic portrait of Socorro Vazquez

Socorro Vazquez
Founder and President
Toro Construction Corp.
Chicago, IL