Wayne Shiong

Partner, China Growth Capital

A photographic portrait of Wayne Shiong

Wayne Shiong is a Partner at China Growth Capital, a Beijing-based early-stage technology investor since 2006. He leads the firm’s frontier technologies sector with investments like WeRide (a.k.a JingChi), DeePhi, Mech Mind, HealthBio, Sobot, Landscape Aerospace, etc. A former Partner at Bertelsmann Asia Investments (BAI), Wayne has also worked with WI Harper Group, a cross-border early-stage investor in technology and health care. Over the years, he has handled several coveted investments including iClick, Mogujie, Maxthon, Go Mobile, ChIVD, Edan Instrument and Innovation Works. Having earned a B.A. in Economics from Peking University, Wayne launched his investment career as a consultant to Piper Jaffray's internet equity research team. Prior to Piper Jaffray, Wayne was the cofounder of a bluetooth start-up funded by Mobile Internet (Asia).