How remote MedTech is revolutionizing modern health care

In this episode of the Decoding Innovation podcast, Daniel Hawkins, CEO and founder of Avail Medsystems, talks about Avail leveraging remote technology to pioneer the evolution of modern health care.

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Modern healthcare across the globe is evolving every day as per growing demands in the sector. The significance of quality plays a key role when it comes to access to modern health care. Access to the best health care professionals, medical procedures and operators has become easier thanks to modern health care innovations.

The evolution is being pioneered by MedTech through some truly disruptive technologies. The innovations seen in the world of modern health care have been driven by identifying the need to innovate, leveraging existing technology and applying them through creative methods by innovators. Remote technology through telepresence has played a critical role in medical care during the pandemic and continues to drive the evolution of facilitating better access to care across the globe.

Daniel Hawkins, the guest speaker, is a prolific innovator and a seasoned MedTech expert. The founder of Shockwave Medical, and the CEO and founder of Avail Medsystems speaks about the correlation between innovation and commercialization, identification of the need to innovate, the role of remote tech in the world of telehealth, and how Avail is pioneering the evolution and empowering medical companies across the globe to facilitate remote access to modern healthcare.

Key takeaways:

  • Leveraging remote technology to provide the best access to medical care is a game changer in the world of modern health care.
  • The identification of the need to innovate, combined with leveraging existing technology smartly is key to the success of modern health care startups.
  • The only way quality user experience can be guaranteed is by fully controlling the quality behind every aspect of that experience.
  • The biggest challenge in the medical industry to implement remote technology is the status quo and the bias against remote technology in health care.

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Mitali Sharma

Mitali Sharma
Former host, Decoding Innovation podcast

Daniel Hawkins

Daniel Hawkins
CEO and Founder, Avail Medsystems


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