A photographic portrait of Daniel Butschek
Understanding how every audience is unique and evolving is crucial to delivering messages that truly resonate.

Daniel Butschek

EY Global and APAC Media Relations & Social Media Assistant Director

EY Media relations and social media manager. World traveler in pursuit of untold stories.

As the EY Media Relations & Social Media Assistant Director for APAC, Daniel raises the organization’s global profile across the Asia-Pacific via media relations and social media to support leaders, programs, reports and initiatives.

An experienced public relations and public affairs professional with an extensive background providing media relations, Daniel takes care of strategic communications and multi-stakeholder engagement for the EY organization across a variety of sectors for nongovernmental organizations, corporations and governments.

Prior to joining EY, he worked as a Senior Account Manager at a global public relations agency.

Originally from the United States, Daniel has supported clients throughout the Asia-Pacific and in the Middle East. He earned BA in Economics and Political Science from Washington University, and a MA in International Affairs from George Washington University.

How Daniel is building a better working world

Daniel is a passionate cultural ambassador who actively supports building connections with colleagues around the world. Drawing on his experience from having lived in four different countries and from working closely with local teams across the globe, Daniel champions an inclusive mindset to promote greater collaboration that is essential for building a better working world. He encourages a better understanding of the unique features of individual markets, and embraces the diversity of views created through a truly international exchange of ideas.

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