EYQ is EY’s think tank.

By exploring “What’s after what’s next?”, EYQ helps its audiences anticipate the forces shaping our future — empowering them to seize the upside of disruption and build a better working world.

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Office New York

EYQ generates new insights by bringing together business, the public sector and academia to challenge entrenched thinking, shift perceptions and help catalyze change.

We want to sense new trends early, and understand and communicate their implications quickly and powerfully.

We want to answer this question: What’s after what’s next?

How EYQ is building a better working world

EYQ is a think tank that anticipates not only what’s on the horizon, but also what lies beyond.

By asking better questions around megatrends and other disruptive forces impacting the global economy, we tease out more creative answers.

EYQ convenes conversations and creates connections with visionary leaders at key events; crowdsources collaborative answers to complex business challenges; and crafts content that poses better questions and provokes game-changing, actionable insights.

Innovation Realized hanging chairs meeting

Innovation Realized

At the Innovation Realized Summit 2019, we are convening brilliant minds to collaborate on how to solve the now, explore the next and imagine what's after what's next.

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