A photographic portrait of Sean Seymour
When people think of innovating with drones, virtual or augmented reality and mobile apps, they may think it’s tomorrow’s tech. We actualize these technologies into solutions clients can master today.

Sean J. Seymour

EY Client Technology Mobile Technologies Leader, Ernst & Young LLP

Ex-Navy and consultant for Apple, Samsung, HP, Intel and Microsoft with a focus on drones, mobility, VR/MR/AR and emerging tech. It’s not tomorrow’s tech – it’s today’s.

Sean leads the EY Mobile Technologies Teams, focusing on the mobilization of new and emerging technologies such as autonomous drones, mobile apps, augmented and virtual reality, AI, IoT and cross-platform development.

Since joining EY in 2014, he has continually been reinforcing and helping guide agile principles for efficient development and delivery of products.

Prior to EY, Sean lead digital strategy for several prominent technology and media organizations. A veteran of the Royal Navy, he specialized in Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defense before becoming qualified in Advanced Electrical and Electronic Engineering as part of his role as an Underwater Specialist.

How Sean is building a better working world

Sean has a passion for guiding clients across myriad possibilities to innovate operations and outcomes with mobile technologies, including drones, apps and virtual, augmented and mixed reality. In his role at EY, he continues to focus on the educational benefits of “the tangible” by conducting workshops, seminars and public speaking.

Working with teams across a wide range of industries and service lines, he enjoys showing them how technology can be applied, industrialized and actualized to make a difference in achieving their objectives.

Using agile principles, Sean has also led efforts around continuous integration and deployment through reusable code priorities to make processes easier.