Photographic portrait of Stefan Schaffer
We should neither underestimate the disruption and risk technology brings nor its potential to influence our lives in a positive way. We must understand the risks as well as the opportunities.

Stefan Schaffer

EY Germany Utilities, Forensic & Integrity Services, Digitalization & Data Analytics Partner

Business application executive. Mathematician. Entrepreneur. Passionate about using technology for the better.

Responsible for data analytics and digitalization topics, Stefan is a partner in the Ernst & Young GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft Forensics team.

In 2015, he joined EY through the acquisition of a big data technology company he co-founded. Before that, Stefan held senior executive positions in a leading business application company and a Silicon Valley start-up.

Stefan holds a diploma in Mathematics from Karlsruher Institute of Technology (then the University of Karlsruhe).

How Stefan is building a better working world

“Digitalization is changing companies at a speed that can be overwhelming and accompanied by many risks for companies and their employees. Business processes are becoming increasingly automated and executed in cross-company networks, while intelligent products and new business models reshape entire industries.

We need a foresighted approach to identify and mitigate potential risks. New technologies require a whole new line-up. In EY, I help companies using technology to identify and reduce risks, increase compliance and fight fraud and waste in this more and more complex environment.

Furthermore, I am supporting EY clients in changing the interaction with people through a combination of advanced technology and behavioral science for more effective governance and reduced risk.”

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