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The health sciences and wellness experience

Welcome to the age of “Health Experience.” All who use and touch the Heath Care value chain will soon demand a service that provides a more personalized and enhanced outcome. Join EY panelists and guests, as they expand the traditional definitions of innovation to meet ever-growing needs and expectations.

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How digital solutions will help close the health equity gap

In this Pointellis episode, Adlai Goldberg and two prominent chief medical officers explore and frame the health equity challenges the world is facing today.

Episode 02

32m 49s


Dr. David Rhew

MD, Chief Medical Officer, Microsoft

Dr. Yele Aluko

MD, US Health Consulting Executive Director, Ernst & Young LLP

The age of ‘Health Experience’

In this first episode of our EY Health Sciences and Wellness Experience podcast series, we explore the emerging and much needed age of “Health Experience.”

Episode 01

08m 00s


Pamela Spence

EY Global Health Sciences and Wellness Industry Leader and Life Sciences Industry Leader