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How a new approach to standard practice is inspiring change

EY’s Danny Dang is improving efficiency and reducing cost for the Affordable Care Act through a report generating tool.

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The better the question

What can you do today to inspire the way we work tomorrow?

Costly and time consuming work needed some innovative thinking.

Danny Dang moved to the United States from Vietnam at age 12, and his desire to improve his English quickly ignited a passion for self-taught learning. Today, Danny works in Tax in the Southwest Region of Ernst & Young LLP.

He has been working with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) practice on report generation. The US firm had used an external supplier’s product to generate reports, which was both costly and time consuming. But Danny knew he could develop something better.

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The better the answer

Automating report generation

A new report-generating tool to save time and money.

So Danny created COMPASS VIEW, a report-generating tool for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) practice that has saved clients and the firm considerable time and money.

Using many self-taught skills and managing three contractors, Danny developed COMPASS VIEW, saving an estimated US$250,000 to US$500,000 that it would have cost to have an external supplier build it.

COMPASS VIEW standardizes client reports — over time and across clients — and the ACA practice estimates that its functionality will save around 150 staff hours and 60 manager hours per client. Danny won a Better begins with you award at EY for this work on this project.

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The better the world works

Inspiring change and innovation

Reduced errors and more productive people.

Automating report generation has reduced errors and freed up EY people to focus more on their clients’ immediate needs.

Having won a Better begins with you award, Danny and the Americas Indirect Tax Technology team are using the reward investment money to design and build a platform with predictive and cognitive analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities.

This new platform will integrate with EY’s continuous data-monitoring platform. It will provide them with real-time access to data, increasing its use and confirming its integrity.

As a result, the team will be able to identify, group and remedy unexpected tax anomalies. This will enable them to provide more timely corrections, robust future planning and analysis for the ACA team and further current or future clients.


Automating report generation has freed up employees’ time and reduced costs for the Affordable Care Act.