Specification for multi-tiered cloud computing security (MTCS) - Lead Auditor & Lead Implementer Training

Cloud computing offers great potential in reducing cost and increasing flexibility to the enterprise. However, the Cloud Service subscribers cannot always make informed, risk-based decisions relating to the adoption of Cloud Services.

The Singapore Standard SS 584: 2015 Specification for multi-tiered cloud computing security, commonly known as MTCS, is the world’s first cloud security standard that covers multiple tiers of cloud security developed under the Information Technology Standards Committee (ITSC) for Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) in Singapore. The standard builds on recognized international standard, such as ISO 27001, with the added enhancement to provide Cloud Service Users with a mechanism to benchmark and tier the capabilities of Cloud Service Providers against a set of minimum baseline security requirements. This benefits the Cloud Service Users by providing assurance to the users that the provider meets accepted minimum baseline security requirements for each tier. Cloud Service Providers benefit from having a mechanism to demonstrate the security of their offerings.

Key objectives of the training

The MTCS standard highlights risks in cloud computing and during this training you will acquire more knowledge concerning these risks, how to recognize them and address them in your organization. The standard breaks down cloud computing risks into six categories:

  • Cloud governance
  • Cloud infrastructure security
  • Cloud operations management
  • Cloud services administration
  • Cloud users access
  • Tenancy and customer isolation

The participants will get the opportunity to develop skills in below:

  • You will learn how to implement the multi-tier cloud security framework and how to lead, plan and execute an audit against the MTCS standard;
  • Our experienced trainers will expand your knowledge through a combination of tutorials, group exercises, industry specific examples and roleplay;
  • You will acquire essential knowledge about implementing and auditing according to the MTCS standard;
  • You will learn to identifying risks and focus on challenging areas concerning cloud computing risks, as well as how to audit specific MTCS standard requirements;
  • You will gain auditing skills to help improve your auditing capabilities;
  • You will become a certified Lead Implementer and Lead Auditor.

Why EY CertifyPoint?

  • EY CertifyPoint is accredited MTCS certification body. EY provides MTCS standard related services to some of the biggest global players in the field of cloud computing. We are known for a smart approach as well as efficient audit techniques that minimizes the efforts of our clients.
  • The training will be held by professionals with practical experience in implementing and auditing organizational Information Security Management System aligned with the cloud security controls of the MTCS standard.
  • EY CertifyPoint provides a focused Information Security Management System training for a deep understanding of the MTCS standard.
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