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Our book helps boards and management teams make better and more informed decisions around their Capital Agenda.

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In our new book The Stress Test Every Business Needs: A Capital Agenda for confidently facing digital disruption, difficult investors, recessions and geopolitical threats, the authors extend the banking stress test concept to a company’s “Capital Agenda” — managing capital, executing transactions, and applying corporate finance tools to strategic and operational decisions.

The authors have distilled decades of specialized experience into compelling recommendations for executives striving to create value in a volatile world.
Robert Nardelli
Founder, XLR-8, LLC, Former Chairman and CEO of The Home Depot and Chrysler

Our definition of stress encompasses not only traditional macroeconomic and sovereign risks, but also forces like technological disruption, hostile takeovers and activist shareholders. So companies that make poor strategic decisions or underperform operationally — even in a benign economic and geopolitical climate — can still find themselves facing great stresses. And stress is symmetric; threats come from downside risks as well as from missed opportunities.

Who can benefit from the book?

We created the book to help boards and management teams make better, more informed decisions around their Capital Agenda. We synthesize more than four hundred years of the contributors’ collective experience into practical guidance for executives trying to future-proof their companies. But fluency with the Capital Agenda is necessary for everyone from directors to functional leaders to middle managers.

The book challenges readers to think differently about critical issues facing executives, including:

  • Setting corporate strategy in a digital world
  • Pre-empting activist shareholders
  • Using advisors wisely
  • Proactively managing intrinsic value
  • Allocating capital across the enterprise
  • Acquiring and divesting for optimum value
  • Liberating excess cash
The book’s clarity and comprehensive coverage make it an excellent practitioner’s guide to value creation in an uncertain world, especially for CEOs and CFOs who usually have to learn these lessons ‘on the job’.
Richard S. Ruback
Willard Prescott Smith Professor of Corporate Finance, Harvard Business School

The Stress Test Every Business Needs: A Capital Agenda for Confidently Facing Digital Disruption, Difficult Investors, Recessions and Geopolitical Threats

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About the Capital Agenda

In an environment of disruption and geopolitical change, our Capital Agenda framework helps you find the answers to today's toughest strategic, financial, operational and commercial questions.

How you manage your Capital Agenda today will define your competitive position tomorrow. We work with clients to create social and economic value by helping them make better, more-informed decisions about strategically managing capital and transactions in fast-changing markets. Whether you’re preserving, optimizing, raising or investing, our Connected Capital Solutions can help you drive competitive advantage and increased returns through improved decisions across all aspects of your Capital Agenda.

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