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Helping an asset manager surpass the competition

We helped an asset manager gain a competitive edge with a new cloud-based data analytics system.

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The better the question

Is data your differentiator?

Cloud-based data platform puts asset manager ahead of its peers.

We helped a leading UK asset manager develop and implement a cloud-based analytics platform, as part of its drive to become a first-in-class digital asset manager.

The company urgently required a single, reliable source of data and deeper business insights. It was struggling with scattered data in multiple silos, duplicate feeds and a lack of automation. Information was difficult to access, and the company’s operating model and tools were not equipped to provide effective data governance and management, increasing operational risk. Furthermore, employees were unable to gain one integrated view of all of a customer’s interactions, hindering their ability to engage clients in meaningful, goal-based discussions.

“The company strives to be a leader in data management and analytics, which is why we suggested taking a greenfield approach using new, advanced technologies,” explains Dean Brown, EY Wealth & Asset Management Partner.

The aim was for the company to manage and govern its data more effectively, and to adopt more agile ways of working so it could respond effectively to change and deploy new products, services and experiences more efficiently.

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The better the answer

New platform and EY managed service offer cost-effective capabilities

Advanced visualizations and AI are transforming the company’s use of data.

We helped the company introduce an information-led operating model and a transparent and controlled data set linked to the business value chain. The new operating model comprises a single data office together with a subscription-based analytics platform, hosted on the cloud and supported by an EY managed service. 

This service provides day-to-day data management and analytical services, and performs quality checks on feeds and data records. It also gives the company access to new capabilities such as advanced visualizations, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

“The platform offers business-critical capabilities that will help revolutionize the way our client stores, analyzes and reports on data from across the entirety of its enterprise,” explains Howard Mannion, EY Wealth & Asset Management Partner. “It delivers high-volume processing and leverages data discovery and modeling tools to extract maximum value from the company’s data assets, including investment, client, risk and accounting data.”

Paying a subscription fee for EY’s analytics service is a far more compelling proposition for companies than building their own data lake. They can gain fast access to an analytics platform and managed service without barriers to entry such as investment costs and access to skills. It is also flexible: as requirements fluctuate, capacity can be added and reduced on demand and at low cost.

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The better the world works

A greater focus on client journeys

The team is harnessing powerful new data to personalize the customer experience.

For the first time, the company has access to unstructured data at scale to take insight-driven action. It is already using analytics generated from the platform to showcase new investment funds to its clients, and is well placed to develop a more intense focus on customer experience. To that end, we are helping the company segment existing institutional customers according to personas, profiles and data to offer a better and more personalized service.

The business is enjoying other benefits too: complexity and inefficiencies have been reduced or eliminated. “The agility in analytics development offered by this data service will allow the company to continue to gain momentum and market share in the asset management sector,” says Mannion.

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