How to cultivate a culture of holistic health to accelerate employee potential

In this webcast, EY professionals how your organization’s health and wellness programs compete.

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Although many organizations acknowledge the link between employee wellness and employee engagement, there is still an alarming gap between what employees want and need from their employer when it comes to their personal well-being, and the availability of wellness programs that facilitate holistic health and meet employees where they are.

As holistic health and wellness become woven into the fabric of an overall talent management strategy, do you know where your organization stacks up? Further, how can you think creatively to cultivate and sustain a workplace culture that fuels productivity and enables employees to fulfill their potential?

Topics include:

  • How do you encourage and support your workforce to make the “selfish” choice to put their health first?
  • What benefits can an organization expect from investing into the wellness of their employees?
  • How can your organization “weave” wellness into the overall employee experience and show a quantifiable ROI?
  • What are some near-term and long-term actions to consider as part of your own organization’s employee wellness maturity road map?


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