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What to expect in 2020 from global bank regulation – Asia Pac

In this webcast, EY’s Global Regulatory Network (GRN) talks about the 2020 regulatory outlook and provide some insights for Asia Pac.

Banks find themselves in a period of transformation. Operating in an increasingly demanding business environment accompanied by rapid technological change, they must also update and streamline their regulatory and risk management operations. The search for a balance between managing legacy risk and fresh challenges arising from new digital landscapes continues. But it is now further complicated by the need to incorporate a much more varied set of dynamic and inter-related operational and non-financial risks, and to meet the enhanced expectations of supervisors, investors, clients and other stakeholders. This year’s regulatory outlook focuses on:

  • Operational resilience
  • Environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters
  • Data and emerging technology
  • Ongoing key post-crisis measures, such as Basel III and Interbank Offered Rate (IBOR) transition

Join EY’s Global Regulatory Network (GRN) as they discuss the 2020 regulatory outlook and provide some regional insights.  


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