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Chen Jiancheng, Chairman, Wolong Holding Group Co., Ltd.

As Chairman of Wolong Holding Group, Chen Jiancheng has always had a clear strategy: “European technology, Chinese cost and a global market.” It is his ability to take what’s best from each continent and bring it to every corner of the world that has seen Wolong grow into China’s leading electric motor manufacturer and one of the country’s largest 500 enterprises, with US$5.4b in revenue in 2017.

Wolong Holding Group currently holds three listed companies — Wolong Real Estate, Wolong Electric and Brook Crompton — as well as 57 controlled subsidiaries with a combined staff of more than 18,000.

Technological innovation and a series of bold acquisitions have propelled Wolong’s growth. In 2018, Wolong purchased GE’s Small Industrial Motors (SIM) business. The acquisition enables both parties to sell its key products to China and Europe, creating synergy through close cooperation between operations on two continents. It has helped Chen realize his goal of bringing together the best from around the world.

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