Federico Trucco, CEO, Bioceres

Federico Trucco comes from a long line of farmers. His ancestors emigrated from Italy to farm the fertile flatlands of Argentina. His father, Víctor, championed the use of technology in farming, sparking Federico’s fascination with the impact of science on agriculture. After gaining a PhD in Crop Sciences, Federico joined Bioceres, the agriculture biotechnology venture his father founded, and became the CEO in 2011. Today Bioceres is the largest biotechnology company in the country.

Bioceres develops techniques to modify seeds, making them more resistant to disease and environmental hazards. The company aims to improve the productivity of crops such as wheat, soybeans and alfalfa. It has developed “HB4” technology, which Federico says is the most advanced drought-tolerance solution available for crop production. Bioceres has a team of 90 salespeople and a network of 800 dealers to distribute its products. Its primary market is Argentina, one of the largest markets for genetically modified crops in the world. 

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