Pedro Ibáñez, President and Founder, Explora Chile S.A.

Pedro Ibáñez’s great passion is exploring the stunning mountains and landscapes of Chile. Wanting others to enjoy the beauty of his country, in 1993 he founded Explora, a travel company that owns and operates hotels and expeditions.

The company has since expanded into seven remote destinations across South America and been voted the continent’s leading expedition company by the World Travel Awards for seven years in a row.

Explora offers guests more than just a place to stay. Through its expeditions, the company provides an immersive experience into the local culture and countryside. Highly trained guides offer more than 150 different explorations. As Pedro says, “For us, luxury is about the experience, not appearance. In a world where imitations proliferate, we offer the luxury of getting close to something in its original state.”

Conde Nast Traveler, TripAdvisor and Business Insider have all cited Explora in their top destination lists for travelers in 2019. Pedro believes there is an explorer in all of us and wants to keep enticing more people to take a trip of a lifetime.

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