Dr. Christian Brönnimann, CEO, Dectris AG

In 2006, when Dr. Christian Brönnimann was 40 years old, he took a calculated risk that has more than paid off: he gave up a rewarding career and founded Dectris. In just 10 years he had turned the business into the leading supplier of scientific X-ray detectors in the world.

Dectris X-ray detection systems are used for an array of scientific, industrial and medical applications. Its cameras are able to take high frame rates of 10,000 images per second — what Christian describes as working “like a huge microscope.” It can take images of proteins and viruses, providing an invaluable tool for those in the life sciences sector.

The product has already had a big impact. When the Zika virus arrived, it was a Dectris camera that allowed scientists to see the structure of the virus, leading to a vaccine. Around half of all protein structures discovered worldwide are now achieved using their cameras.

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