Alejandro Larosa, Co-Founder, CEO and Member of the Board, fyo

*Information correct as of June 2020.

Serial entrepreneur Alejandro Larosa always dreamed of “building something big.” His breakthrough idea came when he spotted an opportunity to provide agricultural growers with better access to information. In 1999, he cofounded fyo, the first Latin American company to provide online business and information services to the agriculture industry.

Today, fyo has grown into one of the leading agribusinesses in the region. The company has consistently expanded its offerings to clients so that it now provides a holistic service from grain trading to grain exports, marketing, logistics, supplies and financial services. It also has positioned itself as one of main grain brokers in the country, “We grew 4,000% in 10 years to reach 7% of market share in corn trading and 3% market share in soybeans,” Alejandro says.

He describes being an entrepreneur as part of his identity and a way of having an impact on the community. “We are value and job creators,” Alejandro says. “And in these times, when things seem to turn down, we look for new ways to turn them up again.”