César Gon, CEO, CI&T

In 1995, Brazilian computer engineer César Gon and two friends set up CI&T in a garage, developing custom-made software. The friends realized they could help companies use technology to reinvent themselves in the new digital era. The company was so successful that, after six months, César gave up plans to study abroad and chose the life of an entrepreneur instead.

More than 20 years later, CI&T has grown from a garage startup into a digital transformation specialist for some of the world’s largest companies. CI&T delivers machine learning, big data and cloud migration services to leading global consumer brands. The company has grown for 24 consecutive years and since 2004 has doubled in size every 3 years.

For César, the best part of being an entrepreneur is inspiring his team and encouraging them to fulfill their potential. “If people are inspired, change happens,” he says. “There’s no force in the world capable of stopping a team of believers.”