Geoff Chutter, President and CEO, WhiteWater West Industries Ltd.

Geoff Chutter always knew he wanted to start his own business. He found his inspiration when he visited one of the first water parks in Canada.

In 1980, Geoff left his full-time job and founded WhiteWater, a waterslide park built on 18 acres of land. Today, WhiteWater is a global industry leader in designing and manufacturing slides, wave machines and water rides.

Geoff believes being one of the first in the market was key to the company’s success. “From the start we were the water park experts, not just a product specialist,” he says. WhiteWater now has offices in six cities around the world, including Dubai, Shanghai and Barcelona.

Geoff is proud of his company’s achievements and his employees, who have worked tirelessly alongside him. “At some point, a company becomes not yours but an entity in and of itself, a culture that belongs to employees,” he says. “This isn’t a solo journey, and a lot of people have given a lot of themselves to get us here.”