Mainland China

Ruan Jixiang, Founder, JACK Sewing Machine Co., Ltd.

By single-mindedly perfecting the sewing machine over 25 years, Ruan Jixiang has transformed a traditional craft into a state-of-the-art smart manufacturing industry. Jixiang’s entrepreneurial journey began in 1995 when he bought a small sewing machine repair store and saw a market for a quality Chinese product. He began manufacturing his own machines, naming the new business JACK Sewing Machine.

The JACK name soon became synonymous with quality and cutting-edge technology, ranking first in international sewing machine sales for 10 consecutive years. Jixiang cites his focus on R&D as being instrumental to his success; he led the way in incorporating smart technology into his machines, and JACK has led patent applications in the sewing industry globally for six consecutive years.

A series of successful acquisitions has given the business a global platform, and in 2017, the company went public on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.