Czech Republic

Oliver Dlouhý, Co-Founder and CEO, s.r.o.

Oliver Dlouhý has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. But it was a search for airline tickets that gave him the breakthrough idea which catapulted him onto the Forbes Most Influential Innovators Under 30 list.

“I was irritated that no search engines were offering combinations of low-cost carriers, and I had to build my itineraries manually,” Oliver says. Spotting the business opportunity to automate the process, he used US$2,000 in savings, found a partner and, in 2012, launched SkyPicker to sell tickets comprising unique flight combinations. A few years later, he changed the company name to 

Since then, the small Brno startup has grown into a global company with almost 1,000 employees in 18 offices around the world. processes 100 million searches every day, and its annual turnover reached US$1.3b in 2019. Over 40% of turnover is generated in Europe, 25% in America and the rest in Asia.

Oliver’s ambition is to aggregate the entire world of transportation so a customer can easily make the best journey anywhere in the world by any means of transportation. He believes that through passion, hard work and perseverance, he can achieve what is impossible.


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