Christian Roulleau, Founding Partner, Samsic

Christian Roulleau founded Samsic in 1986 with the ambition of creating a business that he could pass on to future generations. For the past 34 years, he has worked tirelessly to achieve that goal, creating a global business services company that now employs over 56,000 people in 25 countries. Last year, he saw his mission accomplished when he handed over the reins of Samsic to his son-in-law.

Christian’s entrepreneurial journey started when, after 15 years of working in an industrial cleaning services company, he decided to embark on his own venture. He was quick to diversify the services Samsic provided to clients. He branched out from cleaning and gradually added security, maintenance, energy, waste and temporary staffing services.

Even though Christian has stepped away from the daily management of Samsic, he is still forging new market opportunities for the family office across various sectors from real estate to winemaking. He also continues to support the causes that are important to him, including brain disease research and the fight against illiteracy.