Gyula Horváth, CEO, C3S Electronics Development LLC

*Information correct as of June 2020.

After an award-winning career in academia specializing in space technology and microelectronics, Gyula Horváth faced a new challenge: developing Hungary’s first satellite. By 2012, Gyula and his team from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics were ready, and the Masat-1 satellite was successfully launched into orbit. It was a momentous moment for Hungarian space development — one that Gyula has been building on ever since.

After the success of the satellite’s launch, Gyula cofounded C3S with the goal of producing space technology to support the nanosatellite sector. C3S developed the 3U CubeSat carrier platform, a breakthrough product that offered reliability, a short reproduction time and fast integration. C3S has added various other platforms to its production line and now also supplies the European large satellite sector.

Gyula has been a pioneer of the Hungarian space technology sector — boosting cooperation, resources and R&D and helping the country become a full member of the European Space Agency.


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