Massimo Perotti, Chairman and CEO, Sanlorenzo S.p.A

*Information correct as of June 2020.

After 20 years working for a yacht manufacturer, Massimo Perotti knew he wanted to be the captain of his own ship. As luck would have it, Sanlorenzo was looking for a new owner after decades of producing beautifully designed motor yachts. Massimo earned the trust of the company’s founder and acquired Sanlorenzo in 2005.

Once at the helm, Massimo led Sanlorenzo into a period of rapid expansion. He saw an opportunity to serve a growing number of clients who were looking for tailor-made yachts. He broadened the range of boats on offer and increased the company’s geographical footprint beyond Italy and Europe and into Asia and the United States. In Massimo’s first five years at the company, Sanlorenzo’s turnover grew fivefold.

Massimo recently listed the company on the Milan Stock Exchange. Proud of his team’s achievements, he believes: “Success has many facets and nuances, but the one I like the most is the pride of belonging that I saw in the eyes of my family, my friends, my employees. That paid me back for all the sacrifices, the hard work, the sleepless nights of all these years.”