Dr. Hiroaki Suga, Founder, and Kiichi Kubota, Executive Chairman, PeptiDream Inc.

Professor Hiroaki Suga spent 10 years developing the technology for a groundbreaking drug discovery platform. Entrepreneur Kiichi Kubota realized Hiroaki’s work was a game changer and a business opportunity. The pair hit it off at their first meeting and together founded PeptiDream. Since then PeptiDream has grown from a lab startup into a company with the highest profit margins in the Japanese pharmaceutical industry.

Hiroaki’s invention is a world first, using peptides — or amino acids — to find treatments for major diseases. Traditional drug innovation models can be slow and costly. Hiroaki’s method enables the production of drugs more quickly and cheaply. PeptiDream has signed joint R&D agreements with 19 pharmaceutical companies worldwide and has 100 potential new drugs in the pipeline, half of them for the treatment of cancer. Seven companies have licensed PeptiDream’s method to use as an in-house discovery platform.

Hiroaki and Kiichi hope their platform will make medicines more accessible to everyone.